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Fairview Fire Station

Fairview, TX

Project Details

Fairview, TX

Versa Cornice VS-ISB/OCT

Fairview, TX, is a small, residential community in Collin County located about 30 minutes north of Dallas. To better accommodate the town’s firefighters and properly protect citizens within its 13-square-mile area, town leaders authorized the construction of a new fire station. Previously, the town’s firefighters had been housed in trailers, a metal building, and other older structures.

At the outset, designers of this new building (Station One) sought to give it a look that would be aesthetically pleasing and a source of pride for both the firefighters and the community. Part of that effort focused on the roof perimeter.

To achieve the desired look, architects specified SAF’s Versa Cornice VS-ICB/OCT for the station, attaching it to the parapet wall at the top of the building and giving it a decorative roof edge constructed of aluminum. Versa Cornice converts a dull parapet coping into a visually exciting sculptured roof edge. Designed for both retrofit and new construction, the perimeter system comes with a high-performance sealant to eliminate water intrusion and heavy-duty mounting brackets for a secure attachment.

Formed from aluminum sheet, SAF cornice trim systems are available in a variety of interchangeable profiles, affording architects multiple design options. The Fairview Fire Station cornice system was finished in Pueblo, an AAMA 2605 Kynar® finish to match the tan-colored brick below it on the building’s exterior.

“A town’s fire station is a critical part of any community. At SAF, we were proud to serve as a building materials supplier on the Fairview Fire Station project,” said Penn McClatchey, CEO of SAF. “Smaller projects such as this are just as important as large-scale metal building facades in large metropolitan areas, and it demonstrates our commitment to providing high-performance, aesthetically pleasing aluminum building materials and making a difference for any project type.”

Completed in May 2021, the new Fairview Fire Station includes sleeping quarters for seven firefighters with the capacity to expand to ten. The station also serves as the home of the department’s administrative offices.

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