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Guide To Common Anodizing Specifications

The Aluminum Association Designation System divides finishes for aluminum anodizing into three major categories: Mechanical Finishes (M), Chemical Finishes (C),  and Coatings (e.g. A).

The Coatings category includes anodic coatings (A). Various types of anodized finishes are designated by the letter “A” followed by a two-digit number that designates specific anodizing specifications for finishes. These may be used with other designations to specify a complete finishing system.

When designations for the anodic coating are used alone, the pretreatment is usually left up to the anodizer to determine best fit for the product and its end use.


SAF Aluminum Association Alcoa Coating Thickness
SAF200 A21 200r1 0.00075″ – 0.0002″
SAF201 A21 201r1 0.0002″ – 0.0003″
SAF202 A21 202r1 0.0003″ – 0.0004″
SAF204 A31 204r1 0.0004″ – 0.0007″
SAF215 A41 215r1 > 0.0007″


Discontinued by SAF

SAF Aluminum Association Alcoa Color
Coating Thickness (SAF)
SAF311 A42 311r1 Light
SAF312 A42 312r1 Medium
SAF313 A42 313r1 Dark > 0.0007″
SAF314 A42 314r1 Statuary
SAF335 A42 335r1 Black


Developed as a cost effective alternative specification to Integral Color. Color is independent of coating thickness.

SAF Aluminum Association Class Color Coating Thickness
SAF342 A34 II Light Bronze 0.0004″ – 0.0007″
SAF343 A34 II Medium Bronze 0.0004″ – 0.0007″
SAF344 A34 Dark Bronze 0.0004″ – 0.0007″
SAF345 A34 II Statuary Bronze 0.0004″ – 0.0007″
SAF346 A34 II Black 0.0004″ – 0.0007″
SAF442 A44 I Light Bronze > 0.0007″
SAF443 A44 I Medium Bronze > 0.0007″
SAF444 A44 I Dark Bronze > 0.0007″
SAF445 A44 I Statuary Bronze > 0.0007″
SAF446 A44 I Black > 0.0007″
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