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Anodized aluminum coil


SAF offers both aluminum sheet & aluminum coil for finishing and fabricating. There are important benefits of coil  purchasing and processing versus aluminum sheet in quantity. Coil Anodizing improves material handling and allows for a more uniform appearance. Click on the gray links to the left for more information.

Benefits of SAF continuous anodized aluminum coil:

  • Lower cost – The labor involved in setting up a coil of aluminum to run on the continuous anodized aluminum coil line is a fraction of the labor involved in batch-anodizing individual pieces
  • Consistency – Anodizing one coil minimizes the variables which can lead to color variation of anodized aluminum.
  • No hanging/racking marks – Anodizing individual parts requires clamping the aluminum to grip it for the anodizing process. Continuous anodized aluminum coil has no rack marks


  • Thickness –SAF inventories anodized aluminum coil in .032″, .040″, .050″ and .063″ thicknesses. All aluminum coils are stocked in 48″ width.
  • Other sizes – SAF can order aluminum coil direct from the rolling mill to custom thicknesses and widths to suit your customer’s needs. Custom orders can take as long as 8-10 weeks.
  • Finishes – SAF can process matte/satin/natural clear anodized finishes as well as shades of bronze and black.
  • Coating thickness – SAF can apply up to 11 microns (0.425mils) of anodic coating thickness.

In addition to selling anodized coil and sheet, we can also finish your metal for you. SAF also distributes mill finish 5005 coil. Contact the sales department for a quote.

SAF Coil Anodizing brochureDownload SAF Coil Anodizing Brochure