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While AAMA 2605 fluorocarbon (Kynar®) painting is an extremely high quality and high performance paint, there are some issues that must be understood.

First, with AAMA 2605 fluorocarbon paints, it is important to have the same applicator spray all paint.  This is particularly true of metallic paints and mica paints.  The flake in the paint should come from the same batch to ensure that the metallic aspect is consistent.  In addition, having one applicator spray the paint reduces the risk of having the paint vary due to the application technique.

The next issue is the possibility of cracking and crazing when material is bent after it is painted.  Painted material that is thicker than .050 most certainly will craze at the bend.  The possibility of .040 and .050 painted sheet crazing at the bend is also very real.  Crazing can happen as the result of even the slightest overspray of the sheet as well as the application of a 3-coat AAMA 2605 fluorocarbon.  The reason is that the paint is not very elastic and bending a sheet creates stress on the outside of a bend and forces the finish to pull apart.  Consult your painter for options.  SAF offers the option of bending the sheet first and having it painted later.  The painter should not be held responsible for the paint peeling where the material is bent.

Lastly, metal warping is possible as the result of the heat of the oven used to correctly apply AAMA 2605 fluorocarbon paints.  SAF will not paint material that is thinner than .040″ due to risk of warping.  The material is simply not rigid enough to hold it’s flat sheet properties.  Similarly, the warping issue with heavy gauge metal being painted should be understood.  A hot oven softens the metal to the point where it may sag or similarly warp.

Be aware of all these issues and you will save yourself time and money.  Please call or email us for further information.

Kynar 500® is a registered trade mark belonging to ARKEMA INC.