Metallic Paint Color Variation

42Thank you for your inquiry for applying a Duranar high metallic paint with XL topcoat. We are pleased to quote you on your needs. We have extensive experience with these coatings. We require you to approve our color samples in writing.

This letter explains why.

  1. There will be color variation between pieces and within pieces. This variation should be understood by all parties involved in this job: General Contractor, Glazier, Roofing Contractor, Architect, and owner.
  2. This variation is due to normal variations in application technique on a production line. Exposed surfaces more than one spray gun pass wide (about 18″) will reveal more variation than narrow extrusions. Panels more than 18″ wide will sometimes show “lap marks” when viewed at certain angles, under certain lighting, at certain times of day, or from a certain distance. These marks are often impossible to see in a factory situation. This makes QC’ing a job extremely difficult.
  3. Because of the inherent variation in production lines, it is generally not a good idea to place material from one applicator adjacent to material from another applicator. Even metal painted at two different times on the same production line will probably be different colors. There will almost certainly be differences in color, even when the paint comes from the same batch. This problem can be minimized, but NOT eliminated, by requiring each applicator to submit production samples that all members of the construction team must approve.
  4. The color of the pieces will change with viewing angle. This is due to the flop of the metallic flakes within the coating. These flakes give the coating a depth of color that is visually exciting, but it also makes perfect color uniformity unattainable. This viewing angle effect also puts a premium on straight line installation. Panels that appear the same color when viewed in the same plane will look different if cocked only a few degrees out of level with each other.

Southern Aluminum Finishing will take all possible care to give as uniform a job as we are capable, but the job WILL NOT BE AS UNIFORM IN APPEARANCE AS AN EARTH TONE PAINT COLOR. THERE WILL BE COLOR VARIATION.

One possible solution is to use one or two coat mica flake coatings which are more opaque in appearance than 3-coat metal flake formulation. All the Kynar/Hylar licensees will formulate mica coatings. While mica based coatings do not have quite as much depth of color as metallic coatings, they apply more uniformly and offer more visual excitement than solid colors. We recommend mica coatings as an alternative where uniformity is a must.