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SAF is an approved applicator of Polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF) coatings. We use a chromate based pretreatment. For exterior use, SAF recommends compliance with AAMA 2605 using the following 70% PVDF finishes for architectural use:

PVDF resin based spray coatings are formulated using two different trade names:

  1. Arkema Chemicals Inc’s Kynar 500®
  2. Solvay Solexis’s Hylar 5000®

Kynar 500® is a registered trade mark belonging to ARKEMA INC.

Hylar 5000® is a registered trade mark of Solvay Solexis Inc.

There are four important firms who manufacture spray coatings using PVDF resin:

PPG trade names:

  • Duranar => 2-coat (primer and topcoat)
  • Duranar XL => 3-coat
  • Duranar XLTS => 3-coat textured finish
  • Sunstorm => 2-coat mica flake metallic

Valspar trade names:

  • Fluropon => 2-coat
  • Fluropon Classic II => 2-coat metallic, mica flake
  • Flurodize => 2-coat metallic, mica flake
  • Fluropon Classic => 3-coat metallic, metal flake
  • Flurpon Premiere => 3-coat, bright colors
  • Acroflur => 50% PVDF
  • Acrodize => 50% PVDF mica flake metallic


  • Fluoroceram => 2-coat
  • Ultramet 2 Pearlescent Coating => 2-coat mica flake metallic

Akzo Nobel

  • Trinar => 2-coat
  • Tri-Escent II => 2-coat mica flake metallic

Your help in following the guidelines below will enable us to apply the highest quality coating for the least money in the shortest amount of time.

  1. Please send us a purchase order as far in advance of the arrival of your metal as possible. Please ask us to quote exact quantities in advance, and be sure your purchase order refers to our quotation by number.
  2. Unless the color selected is in our inventory, we may need to order the paint from our vendors which can take three to four weeks.
  3. Please include part drawings of your material with each purchase order. We need drawings to identify your aluminum, and to determine what surfaces require painting. We charge by the square foot, so you will save money by indicating on the shop drawings the exposed areas requiring paint.
  4. Assemblies must have drainage holes to prevent solution entrapment. Top holes are required for admission of air, and bottom holes are required for drainage. Pretreatment chemicals will leak through even the tightest welded joints.
  5. Please remove all non-aluminum parts from any assemblies you need painted before shipment. Steel & plastic will be damaged by the painting process. Keep in mind the curing oven operates at temperatures as high as 475 degrees F.
  6. Because of the high temperature used to cure the paint, flat aluminum sheets may warp in the oven as the metal expands and contracts. If flatness is desired, have us paint the metal after fabrication. Also keep in mind that curved extrusions can change shape, and we recommend welding a temporary support rod across the base of an arch before painting.
  7. Our maximum working size is 36″ x 74″ x 24′. The maximum weight we can handle is 500 lbs, but anything larger than 100 lbs may also require special handling.
  8. We want to help you with color selection, and are willing to custom match colors to customer specifications. Keep in mind, though, that the price of painting is partially based on the price of the paint which varies from color to color, and we will need a specific color in mind before we can issue a competitive price.
  9. Be sure that specialty items like curved arches, assemblies, or formed metal are packaged soundly for shipment. We will try to ensure we bring any damage to your attention as quickly as possible.
  10. If any of the above guidelines cause you problems, please contact one of SAF’s Customer Consultants or Account Managers. After all, we are eager to serve you, and we will offer the best solution to your unique situation.
  11. Review color variation concerns with your finisher.  Try to have all material painted at one time in a single set-up and avoid metallic paints unless all members of the construction team are aware there may be appearance variations.  For more about metallic paint color variation information, click here.
  12. For orders with multiple colors, materials must be sorted and labelled according to their respective finishes.  Ideally, materials should be organized so that SAF does not need to contact your for directions to sort the material.