Anodizing Finish Order Codes

SAF Anodizing Finish Codes, including bronze aluminum options

SAF Anodizing Finish options include clear, many bronzes, black and gold.Use this chart to reference SAF Anodizing Finish options when ordering SAF anodized aluminum extrusions & sheet, or toll anodizing. For an introduction to SAF Clear, Light Bronze, Medium Bronze, Dark Bronze, Statuary Bronze, Black, Gold Anodizing click here,. Explore this page, left column links for a wealth of related finishing information.

Don’t hesitate to contact an SAF Anodizing Finish Pro for help. Allow us to guide your anodized coating specifications for best results. We can assist you with SAF purchased aluminum extrusions & sheet, or your own customer-furnished aluminum parts.

Anodizing Coating (mils)
Class II Class I Duranodic has been discontinued by SAF.
FINISH 0.2+ 0.3+ 0.4+ 0.7+
Anodized Designation
Clear SAF 201 SAF 202 SAF 204 SAF 215  aluminum clear anodize
Lt. Bronze SAF 342 SAF 442 aluminum light bronze anodize
Med. Bronze SAF 343 SAF 443 aluminum medium bronze anodize
Dark Bronze SAF 244 SAF 344 SAF 444 aluminum dard bronze anodize
Statuary Bronze  SAF 245 SAF 345 SAF 445  statuary aluminum bronze anodize
Black SAF 246 SAF 346 SAF 446 aluminum black anodize
Gold  Available SAF 804 SAF 815  aluminum gold anodize