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cornice-designSince 1990, Perimeter Systems has provided Designer Series Cornices for churches, universities, financial institutions, municipalities, and stately homes throughout the United States.  Whether new construction or a historic renovation, Perimeter Systems’ innovative “interchangeable” cornice trims allow you to design beautifully sculptured cornices limited only by your imagination.


We offer 15 predesigned cornices with all the details worked out for you.  These cornices may be modified to suit your building’s eave condition and have been detailed with traditional wood support framing as well as more contemporary steel framing.


SAF Cornice Trims and Mouldings are available in various sizes of concave, convex, quarter round, half round, and box shapes.  Many of these trims are designed to interchange with one another where you can mix and match to taste.


In addition to our cornice trims being interchangeable they are designed to simulate stonework.  This is achieved through the use of “expansion reveals” at the vertical cornice joints.  This expansion reveal consists of a concealed splice “back-up” plate which allows a space between the adjoining cornice members.  This small (3/8”) space creates a light shadow line at the vertical cornice joints and when properly aligned simulates stonework.


Choose fabricated sheet aluminum profiles or heavy extruded aluminum profiles.
• Fabricated (Formed) Cornice Profiles: Offer the advantage of “unlimited customization” particularly useful for historic replications. Historic cornices fabricated from terne tin, galvanized steel, and copper are easily replicated with aluminum profiles. Select from a large selection of classical profiles that may be easily modified to suit your design requirements.

• Extruded Aluminum Cornice Profiles: Offer a highly refined cornice with precise joints, exceptionally crisp lines, and much greater detail. Extruded profiles are so refined that interior wood crown mouldings may be easily substituted. We offer a large selection of classical profiles that are “inter-changeable”  so you may easily combine different profiles to create most any cornice imaginable. Predesigned Extruded Cornices are identified by the suffix “EX”.

• Quality finishing choices: Powder Coated Kynar 500® & Hylar 5000®, 56 Standard Colors, Custom Matching Colors, may be field painted

• Custom, compatible Vertical & Horizontal Radius Arch Cornice options

• Virtually Maintenance Free
• Does Not Burn or Add to Combustion.
• Excellent Weathering Characteristics.
• Will Not Rot, Crack, or Crumble
• Excellent Material For LEED Buildings
• Earth Friendly, 85% Recycled Aluminum
• Insect Proof
• Available with Steel Mounting Gussets, Eliminating Expensive Wood or Steel Framing