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Soffits and beautifully sculptured mouldings are available  in a variety of interchangeable profiles.  Match them with Soffit Panels in a variety of solid, full vented, or partial vented designs with interlocking slip joints.  Our panels are roll formed from 0.032″ aluminum and feature a stiffening grove to improve flatness and minimize “oil canning”.

Unlike other panels on the market with limited color selection, our Soffit Panels are available in 56 EZ Mix colors and we can custom match color with other architectural building components as well.

SAF SoffitsIn addition to our rolled formed panels, SAF manufactures flat panels in aluminum as thick as 0.063″ for areas subject to high wind, or where v-groove joints are not desired.


We also offer a variety of Venting Trims for providing ventilation in difficult areas where vented soffit panels are not practical or desired.  These venting trims can abut plywood soffits, stucco and E.I.F.S. materials.

Download a Soffit Panel & Venting Trims CAD File here.
Download a Soffit Panel & Venting Trims SUBMITTALS File here.