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Corey Faciane
Product Manager
Perimeter Systems div. of SAF
14100 Veterans Memorial Hwy
Villa Rica, GA 30180

Tel: 1-800-334-9823 ext. 811


In Perimeter Systems News you’ll learn about SAF Innovations in Designer Series Industrial & Commercial Gutters, Cornices & Cornice Mouldings, Press-Loc® Gravel Stops & Copings, and more….


Villa Rica, GA – January 7, 2015 – Perimeter Systems, a division of Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., (SAF), announces the successful conclusion of tests to confirm the company’s Designer and Industrial Series Gutter Systems meet ANSI/SPRI GD-1 Structural Design Standard for Gutter Systems Used with Low-Slope Roofs. The testing protocol was completed by an independent third party laboratory this Fall.

Gutter Wind Test“Having our Industrial Gutter System tested to the GD-1 standard confirmed expectations,” according to SAF Perimeter Systems Product Manager, Corey Faciane. “But, we were especially pleased to learn our concealed two piece Designer Series Gutter System tested beyond industry standards in all three test categories.”

Since the introduction of the company’s innovative Designer Series line of gutter systems nation-wide in 1990 there have been no reported failures.

The pre-engineered Perimeter Systems Designer Series Commercial Gutter System features a concealed liner and precision telescoping lap joints supported by heavy duty mounting brackets designed for high load capacities. Appealing to Architects and designers, a decorative snap-on fascia system conceals the actual gutter and all supporting components. Four standard profiles, with custom shapes available, give architects and building owners design freedom to enhance any building’s exterior.

The Perimeter Systems Industrial Series Gutter Systems are designed for extra-large capacity and to withstand heavy snow and ice conditions. This series features four standard profiles, four sizes each, and includes exposed heavy duty support brackets and interior straps.

Both Gutter Series are available in 56 standard colors and a variety of aluminum thicknesses. Custom colors are available and accommodated in the SAF Paint & Coating facility.

The GD-1 standard assures building officials, owners, designers and contractors that a tested gutter system meets minimum performance standards for low-slope roof installations.


Cornice ArchVilla Rica, GA – June 26, 2014 –- In an industry first the Perimeter Systems division of Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., (SAF) introduces its Vertical Radius Arch. The new Vertical Radius Arch was created using the company’s proprietary extruded cornices which are stretched-formed the ’hard way.’The Vertical Radius Arch Cornice eliminates the need for less desirable materials requiring maintenance, or costly methods like segmented aluminum profiles or continuously welded cornices.

The Vertical Radius Arch Cornice joins the company’s Designer Series Aluminum Cornice system which also includes a Horizontal Radius Arch and is used in commercial and residential buildings throughout the US. Architects and design/build contractors can now complete virtually any cornice condition with interchangeable moldings that easily combine to provide the crisp detail and longevity of extruded aluminum.

Stretched formed extruded aluminum cornice moldings in the Designer Series also feature precise joints and water resistant interlocking profiles. Contractors and owners specifying the Perimeter Systems Designer Cornices benefit from quick installation, and low maintenance inherent in aluminum products.

“Our design team has responded to requests for an aluminum cornice product to complement their arched roof designs and we are pleased to announce availability Designer Cornice Series Vertical Radius Arch,”according to Corey Faciane, Perimeter Systems Product Manager.

The extruded Designer Series Aluminum Cornice moldings are available in several classical profiles along with sills, offsets, & closure trims that meet any architectural cornice need.


Perimeter Systems NEWS: Effective Friday, February 4, 2013 Perimeter Systems will have a new Product Manager and a new physical location.

Long time Perimeter Systems manager Frank Mills is retiring after 22 years with SAF. Mr. Mills served the Roofing and Construction Industry for the last 40 years and has held the General Manager’s position since 1990. He pioneered the development of commercial grade Aluminum Gutter and Cornice components. In his retirement Mills plans to sail the second half of the Great Circle and to travel Europe.

SAF promoted Corey Faciane, 32, to Product Manager of Perimeter Systems. Faciane started his duties on February 4th, and brings with him more than ten years of experience in construction and project management. As a carpenter’s son Faciane grew up in the construction industry, and looks forward to working with architects, owners, and contractors.

Faciane commented, “I look forward to working closely with our fabrication team and customers to produce quality products for our customers.”

All written communication and invoices should be directed to the new address. Our billing address, telephone number, fax number and email addresses will remain the same.

Perimeter Systems has moved! Note our new address below. Our phone, email and website information have not changed.

Perimeter Systems, a Division of Southern Aluminum Finishing Co Inc.
8370 E Hwy 78 E
Villa Rica, GA 30180
D 800-334-9823| 770-942-1207| F 919-775-5652

Billing address
P O Box 535247
Atlanta GA 30353-5247
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Cornice-archSanford, NC – August 15, 2012 – Perimeter Systems, a division of SAF, introduces its Designer Series Stretched Formed Radius Extruded Cornice Mouldings.

New for 2012, Perimeter Systems continues its reputation for unique, innovative products. Architects and design professionals have asked and Perimeter Systems once again rises to meet the demands of the industry. Stretched Formed Radius Extruded Cornice Mouldings are now available to be customized to fit any building’s interior or exterior circumference.

With Perimeter Systems’ Designer Series Stretched Formed Radius Extruded Cornice Mouldings, Design/Build Contractors and Architects no longer have to settle for segmented miters or expensive, continuously welded cornice systems to create a classical building element for their radial structure. Stretch forming allows for uniform radius cornice sections, maintains the true radial shape of the building, all while providing exceptionally refined detail.

As with all our Designer Series Extruded Cornices, installation is a snap. These stretched formed radius mouldings may be installed on typical building sub framing or on our specially designed mounting gussets eliminating expensive framing.


Since 1990, Perimeter Systems has provided Designer Series Formed Cornices for churches, universities, financial institutions, municipalities, and stately homes throughout the United States. Whether new construction or a historic renovation, Perimeter Systems’ innovative “interchangeable” cornice trims allow you to design beautifully sculptured cornices limited only by your imagination.

Since the introduction of the Designer Series Extruded Cornice Mouldings in 2010, Perimeter Systems has continued to develop new and exciting fabrications from these extruded mouldings to meet the escalating demand for innovative aluminum cornice products.

In 2011, our Research and Development team established new miter fabrication techniques to maintain the sharp crisp edges throughout the welded seam. These new techniques have been widely accepted throughout the Architectural community due to its refined and elegant appearance.


PedimentSanford, NC – March 31, 2011 – Perimeter Systems division of SAF introduces its Designer Series Pediment, Entablature and Column System, the first to feature mix-and-match extruded aluminum components.

Glazing contractors, design/build contractors and architects can now easily create a classical building element to accent any opening. Manufactured from extruded aluminum mouldings, the new eco-friendly Designer Series sets new standards for durability while presenting a more refined and elegant appearance.

Designer Series Pediments and Entablatures also feature easy installation. Unique concealed gussets and wall plates allow the installer to simply hang and bolt the unit in place. No special trades or heavy framing required for the system’s light weight assemblies.

Perimeter Systems Pediments, Entablatures and Columns may be finished in rich bronze anodized tones or powder coated in one of 56 EZ Mix High Performance Polyvinylidene Fluoride Fluropon Coatings.

Perimeter Systems Background

Perimeter Systems, a division of Southern Aluminum Finishing Company, Inc., designs, manufactures, and supplies a variety of Architectural Metals including the Designer Series Commercial Gutter Systems, Designer Series Cornice Mouldings, Designer Series Pediment, Entablature and Columns, and Press-Loc® Series of gravel stops and copings.