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SAF Perimeter Systems has a solid reputation for fabricating custom entablature to match historic cornice details for churches, schools, and court houses to mention a few. Our Designer Series Formed Aluminum Cornices are actually a system of beautifully sculptured cornice component trims, gutters, soffit, and mouldings. These are available in a variety of “off-the-shelf” interchangeable profiles that allow you to custom mix and match to complete most architectural building perimeter design preferences. Or, you may select one of our fifteen pre-designed cornices that have all the details worked out for you. Even so, we encourage requests to match existing historic cornices regardless of when they were originally produced. Our Perimeter Systems Design Team takes exceptional pride in producing custom solutions for historic cornice replications. Contact an SAF Architectural Cornice Pro to discuss your historical building cornice, gutter, moulding, soffit and related perimeter systems component requirements.